Three Ways Pay Per Head Keeps Private Bookies Profitable

Much has been made about the recent US Supreme Court decision that paved the way for legalized sports betting in the US on a state-by-state level in a landmark case between New Jersey and the top sports leagues and the federal government.  Things are escalating quickly and there is a good chance that New Jersey could be up and running with sportsbooks in its race tracks and casinos by the time the new NFL regular season rolls around. In the not too distant future, as many as 20 states could offer some form of legalized sports betting.

If you are a private bookie running and managing a successful independent sportsbook, this recent decision could actually be a financial boon to your business with one main caveat. You need to have the right Pay Per Head online sports betting software in place to handle any added competition.

Direct Competition

The fact that certain states will be offering sports betting in some form is actually good for the online sports betting industry as a whole. As a private bookie, you are already competing with all the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. The right Pay Per Head bookie software helps you level the playing field with these competitors and it will continue to evolve to help keep things level with any state that offers sports betting. Private bookies continue to thrive in Nevada. If you are running your book in New Jersey, Mississippi, Pennsylvania or any other state looking to add sportsbooks in the near future, you will continue to thrive as well with the proper planning and execution of an adjusted sales and marketing plan.


The first thing on your side as a private bookie is timing. You already have the edge since you are up and running. The shear fact that sports betting could be legal in the US will automatically elevate the general public’s interest in betting on the games. The proper plan put in place now with the help of your price per head shop can grow and expand your customer base while adding profit to your overall bottom line.

Online Betting Options

The next thing on your side as a private bookie is actual online betting options. Today’s top PPH services have access to a full set of betting lines and odds for any number of sporting events in the US and around the globe. Throw in betting odds for futures and props for all the major sports and sports leagues and you now have the ability to build out your betting board with the options keeps your entire sports betting clientele satisfied.

One of the best things about working with a Pay Per Head site is the ability to set and move your own betting line instantly through your provider’s online betting software. You can also make changes to your betting board to best suit your needs. The cost of moving lines and making changes is not a concern since it is included in the low, weekly price per head fee you are currently paying for your active sports bettors.

The final way that PPH online sports betting software helps your profitability is through the services that you can provide as a private bookie that set you apart from the competition. Through the use of individual account profiles, you can put the proper betting and credit limits in place. You can also track daily, weekly and monthly betting action for each of your betting customers. How far you drill down into the analytics that help you run your bookie business is up to you. Rest assured, that you will have all the information you need to successfully accomplish this goal.