Three Ways to Minimize Your Pay Per Head Costs

Signing on with a pay per head site is the only practical way to run and manage a private bookmaking business online. Trying to duplicate these bookie services on your own would be cost prohibitive. Since the majority of the top-rated sites are based out of Costa Rica, you are also adding a necessary level of business protection.

Not all pay per head sites are created equal, so it pays to shop around. Too many bookies make the mistake of signing on with a PPH service based on price alone. The cheaper the weekly fee for each active bettor, the cheaper the service tends to be as well.

You need a quality bookie services provider that can provide a cost-efficient system for all of your business needs. Part of that service offers ways to minimize the weekly cost you pay. This is the best formula for success in what has turned into a competitive market place.

Increase Your Weekly Handle

As long as you can maintain a steady hold percentage, it stands to reason that the more money you take in on weekly bets, the more money you will make in net profit.

The trick to impacting your pay per head cost is to raise your handle without increasing your customer base. You always want everyone of your customers to bet with their head and not over it. Yet, there are ways to maximize each of your customer’s weekly betting potential.

Working with a quality pay per head site, you can build out your betting board with any number of attractive betting options.

Most of the daily and weekly action coming in covers straight bets on the spread and total. By building out your board with added betting options, you can generate some extra action.

One of the best ways to do this is through individual game props. Another way to increase the weekly handle is through expanded live in-game wagers.

Increase the Profitability of Your Handle

Straight bets on the spread and total are basically 50/50 propositions based on today’s extremely sharp betting lines. You tend to benefit from upsets and UNDERS but that is not always the case. You need to push wagers that give the house a higher edge.

By adding money line odds for add-on games or slightly higher payout odds on four-team parlays and up, you can shift some that action to more profitable results. Every bettor likes a deal even if the odds move away from their favor.

You already have the necessary tools in place to build out your board, instantly move your lines and make changes to that board. There may be some trial and error in the process but you will find that it is not all that hard to impact the probability of certain betting outcomes to create a higher hold percentage.

Increase Your Customer Base

Many of today’s top-rated pay per head sites are willing to provide a per head volume discounts based on the size of your active betting base. This may or may not fit your business model and you still have to do the math to make sure the savings outweigh the added PPH costs.

If you decide to increase your base to reach a volume discount level, make sure you are adding bettors that exceed an acceptable betting amount each week.