Tips For Maximizing Value in Weekly Pay Per Head Costs

The weekly per head fee you pay for each of your active betting customers adds up to be one of your biggest operating costs as a private bookie. The benefit is only paying for what you use. However, the bigger you expand your active betting base, the higher the weekly cost.

Too many bookie agents make the fatal mistake of switching to a PPH plan with a lower weekly fee while also sacrificing much needed bookie software solutions as well guaranteed reliable and safe online service. The net result is working with a bookie services site that ends up costing that agent more money down the road.

The smarter approach to running and managing a successful bookie business, is by maximizing the value in the PPH fees that you pay.

Upgrading Your PPH Service Without Increasing Your Cost

The pay per head bookie services industry has become highly competitive in recent years. There is a glut of providers in the marketplace. Yet, there are still only a handful of bookie services leading the way.

As a major plus to your bottom line, you can sign on with one of the best PPH providers at the same weekly cost as you are probably paying right now. Even if the weekly fee is a bit higher, the added cost is well worth the upgrade.

The average per head weekly fee to sign on with one of the best PPH sites is around $10 per active player. This gets you everything you need to run and manage a highly successful online bookie operation.

Most of these top-rated sites will start offering quantity discounts on your weekly fee for as little as 30 active players.

Expanding your active base to cut per head costs is one approach to adding value to your weekly PPH cost. Increasing your weekly betting handle while increasing your hold on that volume is a more cost-efficient approach.

This goal can be accomplished without having to increase your overall betting base. The added profit with the same fixed PPH costs goes right to your bottom line.

As a responsible bookie agent, you always want to make sure that each of your players are betting within their weekly means. However, there is a good chance that you are not maximizing each of your active customer’s overall betting potential.

Increasing Your Weekly Betting Volume

You need to give your betting base a reason to increase their weekly betting volume. This can be accomplished in two different ways.

If your plan is to focus mainly on sports betting, then you need to fully build out your betting board with as many options as possible. By working closely with the right PPH provider, you will have fast and easy access to a wide range of betting sports and the individual leagues that are part of each sport.

You can also expand your betting markets through added exotic options, game props and live in-game betting options. By building out your betting board, you are maximizing the sports betting potential of your entire base.

The other way to expand weekly betting volume is through different gaming options such as an online racebook for horse betting and an online casino that is filled with Las Vegas-style slots and table games. Your PPH bookie services provider can help you launch both applications at no added cost to your current weekly plan.