Updating Player Profiles With Pay Per Head

A new season of football betting is right around the corner. As a private bookie, you probably have a few of your diehard football fans betting on the CFL regular season and on the NFL preseason schedule. While every bookie running and managing an independent sportsbooks is trying to build a customer base of year-round bettors, many sports bettors still only bet on college football and the NFL.

Whether your football only customers are listed as inactive in an online account profile or off the page completely, now is the time to update any betting and credit limits you would like to have in place before the weekly action comes pouring in.

This sounds like a pretty simple detail in the entire planning process, but it could prove to be a major issue if these betting and credit limits are not properly planned. Control is the name of the game as a private bookmaker and a quality pay per head bookie software provider greatly aids in this process.

Taking Your Bookie Business Online

One of the first tasks when signing on with a pay per head service is to set up individual account profiles for each of your active betting clientele. The weekly cost of your PPH service is determined by the total number of active betting accounts you are currently working with.

While the number of active customers may be limited in the summer months, that number has the potential to rise dramatically once September rolls around. If you have been running your own book for quite some time, you will already have a feel for these changing business conditions.

If you are just starting up your own book, you need to first have an idea of how many active bettors you will be working with. Next, you need to determine the type of bettor you are looking to attract to your bookie services. You need a betting clientele that is big enough to meet any set financial goals. You also need a customer base that does not exceed your means when it comes revenue reserves to cover all the action coming in.

The individual betting account profile is the basis from which many of the most important pay per head business reports are derived. Everything is based on any betting and credit limits you decide to put into place.

Managing Your Private Book With Customized Account Profiles

As part of the weekly fee you will pay your PPH service for their online betting software solutions package, you will have fast and easy access to all of your individual customer profiles. You will also have the ability to manage these accounts on a regular basis. This includes setting the right limits on an account by account basis.

As a private bookie, you should know the bettors you are taking action from. You should know their betting habits, trends and tendencies. This, in turn, will allow you to set the proper limits for each customer. If it is a customer you know well, you already have the necessary insight into their betting habits as well as their payment records. You can set limits that each of you will be comfortable with.

New customers are a whole other story. You should try and ascertain some background information from anyone you decide to add to your customer base. Setting low limits for both betting and credit is the best way to protect your interests. Once again, this all comes down to creating a high level of control.

These new additions to the betting roster are great opportunities for added bottom-line profit as long as they are properly managed right from the start.