Use Pay Per Head Features to Promote Your Bookie Services

The primary role of a pay per head site is to fully automate your private bookie business while giving you the means to run and manage that business online. In return, you pay a weekly per head fee for each of your active betting customers.

Trying to duplicate these online betting software solutions on your own would be cost prohibitive. That is why the bookie/pay per head partnership is a win-win proposition. The affordable cost of this weekly plan also provides an easy gateway for entry into the very lucrative sports betting industry.

What you may not realize is just how valuable a quality pay per head site can be from a marketing standpoint. The weekly plan also offers a number of features that can used to better promote your bookie services as you try to grow and expand your active betting base.

As part of your pay per plan, you will gain access to your own business website. This can range from a generic sportsbook skin with your business name to an elaborate customized website that sets you completely apart from the competition.

Either way, a top-rated PPH service can create a professional online presence for your bookmaking services. This not only legitimizes your bookie business in the eyes of your existing customers, it becomes a powerful marketing tool to attract potential customer to all the online betting services you can provide.

With the help of your PPH site, you can build out a betting board that can completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbook sites you have to compete against. Through fast and easy access to betting lines, you can meet the betting needs of your entire customer base.

You can also use your expanded board to attract customers for specific betting sports and sporting events. One key feature to help promote this aspect of your business is live in-game betting options for events that have already gotten underway. This is an extremely fast-growing segment of online sports betting in general.

All the best pay per head sites continue to make the necessary investments into their internal operating system. This creates an online environment that keeps your bookie business up and running 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Online downtime basically shuts your entire bookie business down. This alone makes reliability a highly attractive feature for your betting customers.

Online security is another major concern. You need a PPH service that can guarantee that every online transaction covering your customer base is processed in a safe and secure manner. This guarantee turns into a major selling point for your bookie business.

While 99% of your bookie business operates online through a PPH service, there are still times when either you as the bookie agent or one of your betting customers needs to contact an actual customer service representative.

A quality pay per head site understands the importance of having an in-house customer service team in place. These sites also understand that these team members need to be up to speed on every aspect of betting on sports as well as other forms of online gambling.

This added service is already included in your weekly per head cost and it can be used as a way to promote your bookie business. Giving each of your customers an additional outlet to help manage their online betting account is a value-added perk.