Use Telegram to Connect With Us

Are you a pay per head bookie or thinking about becoming one? One of the questions that will cross your mind is how you will communicate with your service provider without leaving prints. If you reside in one of the jurisdictions without legal gambling and still want to offer online gambling services, you can use pay per head services.

Then, you will be provided with secure communication channels. That way, you can easily connect with your service provider to seek assistance, communicate your needs, and much more without risking revealing your identity.

There are several reasons you should use Telegram. These include:

Security Features

Telegram is one of the most secure communication apps. In fact, there was a time the app developers promised to award $300,000 to anyone that successfully cracked their encryption. The reward went uncollected.

This app has several security features. For instance, it has a passcode lock. This feature is activated manually or automatically after a specified period.

The user will need to fill in the four-digit passcode to access their account. The app also has a 2-step authentication, self-destruct secret chat, and many other features to ensure your account and communication are secure from third parties.


Telegram also uses encryption technology. This feature is not activated by default. But, you can go to settings and activate the feature to ensure that only you and the recipient have access to your private data.

Notably, the content of secret chats is not stored on Telegram`s server. As such, the details you share with us remain between us.

You will get a unique encryption key when you start a conversation with us. We will also have a different encryption key too. These keys prevent cyber-attacks and access to your private conversation.

Offshore Servers

Telegram is a Dubai-based company. So, if you are a bookie based in Utah, Florida, or any other state, no authority can make your life a living hell by paying a visit to Telegram`s headquarters.

Ideally, the messaging app is hosted on an offshore server. Like other offshore online casinos, you are safe from some laws. As such, you can safely run your pay per head bookie (whose server is based in Costa Rica) and use Telegram to communicate with us.

Communication is critical in running a pay per head bookie. You will need to talk to us constantly to ensure your business runs efficiently. Yet, you cannot trust any communication channel.

Fortunately, Telegram is a secure communication channel. It has incredible security features, uses encryption technology, and is based offshores. As such, you can trust that our conversations will be secure.