Using PPH to build your customer base

If you are in the bookmaking business you are probably well aware of how a pay per head service can help run the administrative side of your business, but with many of the added features and benefits that many of the top companies now offer, you can also utilize your PPH service to grow your overall customer base.

The bookmaking business in no different than any other in terms of today’s consumer driven attitude of “what have you done for me lately”. With the advent of faster and smarter technology, a typical consumer’s attention span continues to become shorter and shorter as they are constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to process information that will have a direct impact on their spending patterns.

Wagering on sports is no different. Today’s bettors are looking for a broader scope of wagering opportunities, whether it has to do with new and exciting ways to bet on traditional sporting events or by gaining access to the global arena of sports that exists today. It would be next to impossible for you do develop the resources to provide all of this, but PPH companies are constantly investing in updated software and technology to offer these vital services as part of your per head fee.

The first trick in using your price per head company to build your customer base is to have a firm grasp on everything that they have to offer. This is sometimes as simple as clicking on to their company website to do your research. Many of the top PPH services in the industry will offer a detailed explanation of how they can provide access to expanded options such as wagering on exotics, live in-game betting, global sporting events, world-wide horse racing, casinos and a host of other ways to generate new action.

If you cannot find everything you are looking for on the company website, be sure to take full advantage of your PPH’s customer service department. Given that these are the same people that are currently dealing with your existing customer base, you should make it a priority to get to know them yourself.

Once your are armed with the knowledge of everything that your PPH sportsbook can do for you, it is time to take that information to the streets to let potential customers know what you can do for them. The first thing that you need to do is gain their trust that you are more than capable of handling any or all of their wagering activity. You always have to keep in mind that you are competing against a myriad of huge off-shore sportsbooks that are constantly trying to lure your existing and potential customers to their sites to place their bets.

Your main point of difference has to be, first and foremost the personal touch that you can offer and an online sportsbook cannot. Often times people like dealing with other people on a personal one-on-one basis especially when it involves financial transactions. However, almost as equally important, is your ability to match whatever the large sportsbooks can offer in terms of services and wagering options.

Once someone realizes that your local and personal bookmaking business, through the use of your PPH service, is just as sophisticated as the best online sportsbooks, you will have successfully opened the door to adding them as a new customer. By properly marketing your PPH services as part of your overall marketing strategy, over time you should be able to build your customer base to whatever size you desire. In fact, most of the bigger PPH companies in the industry today have begun to adjust their per head payment plans based not only the size of your overall customer base but the level of services that you ultimately decide to offer. If your overall business plan is to become one of the biggest and most sophisticated bookmaking companies in the designated market of choice (local, national, global etc.) your PPH service needs to be an integral part of that expansion plan.