Washington State | Why PPH Providers love it…

Probably not many folks think of Washington State as a place that loves to gamble. That would be an incorrect assumption! The state of Washington loves to gamble on the local sports scene as well as in the casino. Washington is one of those states that have allowed casino gambling on Native American land for well over 30-years. What do sports gamblers do when they want to bet on sports? They fly to Las Vegas and Reno. The city of Seattle is the gateway to all points south and roundtrip airfare is typically inexpensive. The problem is this; gamblers from Seattle are busy people. Seattle is now the number one city in the United States for high-tech jobs. The median income is well over $70,000 per year – meaning the people have the money to gamble, but not the time. Gamblers in Seattle are looking for easy and they are looking to gamble from the office or the comforts of their home.

Take the sportsbook online with a pay per head—

  • With a pay per head, you can stop schlepping from bar to bar and start looking professional. The PPH providers have combined an all-in-one experience for you as well as your clients. What they have done is combine the online sportsbook with a fantastic casino, and world-class racebook. The players love it because it feels like one of the giants of the online industry.
  • The PPH offers the best in bookie software that includes the assurance that your site will be operational 99% of the time. You will never have to worry that you will be offline 10-minutes before the big game. Nothing kills a bookie faster than downtime.
  • The PPH takes care of the daily lines and odds. This is a huge job that most bookies have no idea how to effectively do, so they follow the crowd-big mistake. Don’t do this, it can kill you fast.
  • In this day and age of information, players are smart, they know where to find anything they need in order to beat you and the way in which lines are set is vital to your existence. Players are in this game to beat you, not be friends!
  • The PPH provides a wealth of information that you must track yourself if you go it alone. There is no substitute for player-and financial reports. With these reports, you can know how to budget and what kinds of limits to set for what players.
  • The PPH set your daily wagering offers (games, sporting events) and there are many of them on a daily basis. If a client calls you up and wants to place $300 on Real Madrid do you have the odds set for that game or are you going to “wing it”? Winging it is a bad plan! The PPH has set the event and set the line for the game. The beauty of this entire operation; you have control over each and every line that is set, you can change whatever you see fit to change.
  • Washington bettors very from the west side of the state to the east side. There are Mariners fans, Seahawks fans, Gonzaga, the University of Washington Huskies, the Washington State Cougars and soon to be a new NHL franchise. The state does well with their programs (not the Mariners!) and sports gambling has become a large draw.
  • Efficient is the word of the day for Washington sports gamblers. They love to gamble, and they will if you bring them efficiency and organized.
  • You must have a casino. Gamblers from Washington love the action of casinos and for this reason, they do extremely well on Native American sites. Again; time. Folks work 15, 18, and 20 hours a day! They want the casino on their device, they want to gamble at work! Give it to them and they will gamble, and the casino will earn you a fortune in profits.

Washington is a politically liberal state and they like to party and let it all hang out. They smoke marijuana (legally), they love gambling with a cold one, or two, or three, and they will spend money if you offer a great sportsbook and casino. Find that free trial, ask for 4-weeks free and expect the best they have to offer. The high season is close, make every moment count.