What Kind of Value Do You Add to Pay Per Head Experience?

There a few different schools of thought among private bookies when it comes to pay per head bookie services.

A small-time local bookie probably thinks they can still get by with the use generic software such as Quick Books to run their business. That is why they remain small-time local bookies.

Some bookmaking start-ups tend to contract a pay per head site based on the cheapest rate they can find. That eventually turns into a very costly proposition through online downtime, security issues and overall poor customer service.

Independent bookmakers that have enjoyed a high level of success at their chosen trade fully understand the value of working with an established pay per head bookie services provider.

Over the past two decades plus, thousands of bookie agents have turned to Real Bookies to fully automate their bookmaking business while running and managing it online.

Real Bookies as a Pay Per Head Industry Pioneer

Based in Costa Rica, Real Bookies was launched around the same time that offshore sportsbooks first started catering to the US market through an online betting platform. The only difference between the two is Real Bookies’ concentration on helping private bookie agents do the same exact thing.

Much of the early years in the offshore sports betting industry were in response to the existing legal climate in the US on the federal level. By running your bookie business through a business-friendly jurisdiction such as Costa Rica, you were able to avoid any of the legal ramifications tied to running that same operation on US soil.

Real Bookies continued to refine the automation process while creating an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks were using to power their online sports betting platforms.

Real Bookies as a Pay Per Head Industry Innovator

Sports betting still drives the weekly handle for private bookies. However, Real Bookies was one of the first PPH services to expand its software solutions package to include multiple streams of revenue.

This gave rise to private online racebooks for betting on horses. It also led to highly sophisticated solutions to offer Las Vegas-style slots and table games through a private online casino. More recently, the innovative genius at Real Bookies has come up with software solutions to offer online poker tournaments.

Today’s private bookie has a full bag of business tools that can turn any operation into a full-service online gambling site.

Real Bookies as a Subject Matter Expert

The primary reason why more and more of today’s private bookies turn to Real Bookies is the high level of expertise throughout the entire in-house staff. As a top-rated PPH site, Real Bookies invests just as much money in the services it offer as in the products that make up its software solutions package.

There are dedicated account managers in place to walk you through the entire start-up process. You can work directly with the in-house IT staff to customize a highly professional online business presence.

Internal sports betting experts have developed long-term business relationships with the best external oddsmaking services. The result is fast and easy access to a wide array of sharp betting lines.

There is also an experienced and knowledgeable in-house customer service team that is in place to help you as the bookie agent as well as each sports betting customer you represent.