World Series MLB

Major League Baseball might be losing some popularity in the United States, but that isn’t the case when it comes time for the World Series. The “Fall Classic” features the champion of the American League taking on the National League winner in a best-of-seven series.

The one nice thing about the World Series is that it is played in the home ballparks of each team rather than being played at a neutral site. The weather tends to have an impact on these games as well, adding another unique twist to a series that is already full of drama.

The World Series dates back more than 120 years, and the format of the final series remains mostly unchanged from the original version. Betting on the World Series continues to be extremely popular, and there is plenty of information to be found that can help make winning picks.

Baseball has seen plenty of rules changes in recent years, but the fact that the World Series continues to be so popular is something that won’t be changing anytime soon.

New Playoff Format

Even though the format of the World Series won’t be changed in 2022, the action leading up to it will be. There have been a couple of different playoff formats used in recent seasons, but the current format should be the one used in the future.

There will be six teams from each league that make the playoffs in 2022, with the top two seeds in each league getting a bye. This is a huge advantage for the best teams in the regular season as they will get a chance to set up their pitching rotations and await an opponent.

One complaint about the World Series is that the best team isn’t always the team that comes out on top. It’s no guarantee that anything will change in 2022, but MLB has done a great job of making things easier.

World Series History

The Braves are the most recent World Series champion, having won the title after the 2021 season. Atlanta will be back in the playoff field in 2022 as they look to defend their title and win for the second straight year.

It is the New York Yankees that have won the most World Series championships, as that franchise has racked up 27 of them. St. Louis is the most successful team in the National League, with 11 titles.
Mickey Mantle holds the MLB record for most home runs in World Series history with 18 of them. There have been four different MLB players that have hit three home runs in a game, including Babe Ruth, who did it twice.

Whitey Ford made 22 World Series starts during his legendary career, and he leads all pitchers with ten wins but also leads with eight losses.