Making Pay Per Head Resolutions That Make The Most Sense

If you run and manage your own independent sportsbook, you most likely rely on a pay per head site for your online sports betting software solutions. Paying a weekly per head fee for each active betting customer to obtain the use of this package makes sound business sense.

Wrapping up one year heading into the next, now is the time to evaluate that PPH service in terms of how they met your needs and helped to move your business further over the past 12 months.

The result of this evaluation should yield one of the following three conclusions:

  • My current pay per head bookie services is not meeting my current business needs.
  • I am not fully utilizing everything that my current pay per head site provides.
  • I need to do a better job at enhancing the current business partnership I have with my PPH service.

If your evaluation falls into the first category, it is time to put a plan in place to find the right pay per head site. This plan needs to center on what you need to successfully run and manage your private bookie business. You should come up with your own list of must-have features and their corresponding benefits.

The weekly fee you pay per active betting customer needs to be taken into consideration. Yet, it should not be part of the decision making process. Going with a cut-rate price-per head bookie service shop is probably how you ended up in your current situation.

If you find yourself in the second category on the list above following a thorough evaluation, you could probably consider yourself rather typical. Today’s top-rated pay per head bookie software solutions providers offer a comprehensive and turnkey approach to running and managing your own private book.

However, you still need to play an active role in how you make these solutions work for you. If too much negative exposure plagued your weekly cash flow figure and take-home profits, you are failing to use the proper tools that are designed to keep you way out in front of the daily action coming in. You also have the ability to mass edit your betting board while also dealing with issues on an account by account basis.

Ignoring a problem or failing to take the right steps to fix it will not make it go away. The right pay per head software solutions package is designed to let bookies take full advantage of daily, weekly and monthly opportunities. This could be tied to more betting options for bigger betting events, detailed player position reports and adjusted betting and credit limits.

All of these areas and more can be easily managed by getting to know all the PPH tools in the box as well as the valuable services they provide.

The final category pertains to bookie agents looking to take a business to a higher level of performance. The best PPH services do view themselves as true business partners. They fully understand that their future financial health is tied directly to the bookie agents they are working with.

The best PPH services also offer a high level of business support. Their staff comes from a sports betting background. These subject matter experts do understand what it takes to run and manage a successful private bookie business.

If you are going to make any meaningful resolutions heading into next year, be sure to include your current pay per head site in that thought process. It may be time for a change to a new bookie services provider. If you are already working with a quality site, the change is going to have to come from within.