Real Bookies Pay Per Head Accounting Services

There are any number of aspects that go into running and managing a successful private bookie business. All of these specific aspects could probably be grouped into three separate categories as follows:

  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Accounting

Real Bookies has been helping bookie agents run their business online for more than 20 years. The driving force has been a progressive operating system that is constantly changing with the times.

At the core is a high level of redundancy that ensures reliability of service. There is also a deep level of security that ensures that every online transaction is completed in a safe and secure manner.

While the sales and marketing aspect of a bookie business falls more on the shoulders of the agent themselves, Real Bookies has developed a proven set of business tools to aide in the effort. At the top of the list is taking a customized approach to creating a professional online business presence that can act as your most powerful online marketing tool.

The third category is business accounting. This is probably the least glamourous aspect of your bookmaking operation but the most essential. Working with a thin hold percentage, you need to maximize profit while also reducing cost. Given the nature of sports betting in general, this can sometimes be difficult to do.

Control is a vital aspect of booking bets. You need to consistently stay in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. Taking advantage of opportunities upfront is a far better situation than dealing with issues after the fact.

Real Bookies Business Services

As a private bookie, you need fast and easy access to real time business analytics that completely eliminates guesswork when it comes to the decision making process.

You also need individual account-level information. The ability to drill down into your business processes on an account by account basis is the only way you can generate an accurate picture of your business as a whole.

Most pay per head sites will tout how many different business reports their software can produce. This is not a quantity over quality situation. Real Bookies can ensure that you will have access to the right business information.

A perfect example of this is Automatic Payment Calculations. You make your money on the difference between what is paid out on winning bets and what is collected in losing ones plus commission. The resulting figure is your gross profit. This information can also be used to determine your actual hold percentage.

Once you subtract out the weekly pay per head fee for that active betting customer, you are left with a net profit figure. Your overall net profit can be traced back to a net profit on a player by player basis. That is the ultimate way to break things down. Having that level of information at your fingertips adds tremendous value to the pay per head fees you pay.

Real Bookies Business Solutions

Backed by an advanced operating system, effective marketing tools and detailed business analysis capabilities, you are now ready to take your bookie business to whole new level of success.

You can use this information to shape your overall customer base into a profit center than can reach and hopefully exceed the short and long-term financial goals you have set for your bookie business.