Action By Player Report

Anyone that has been fortunate enough to build and sustain a successful book making business fully realizes that betting action is the fuel that drives the engine. You can have the biggest customer base in the world, but if your players are not “playing” on a regular basis, it becomes very hard to generate the proper cash flow to keep things running smoothly.

Fortunately, your Pay-Per-Head company can provide a detailed analysis of your “Action By Player” which is just one of the dozen key reports that are an integral part of tracking and measuring your business’s results. This particular report can provide an up-to-date record of not only how much your customers are wagering in a specific time frame, but exactly what they are wagering on.


One of the top features of the “Action By Player” report is that it is first broken out by agent to help you further drill-down into your business. On the report, each of these agent’s players are then listed in alphabetical order so you will have a quick and complete snap shot of what is going on in that particular agent’s business activity.

Some of the vital information that this report will cover is a player’s action across every betting opportunity your company offers. As far as their sports bets, you can see exactly what a player has wagered on straight bets, parlays, teasers and reverses. This information will allow you to further breakdown your clientele into which players are the ones really driving your business and which ones are just along for the ride.


You can use this information to tailor promotions and bonuses to your best customers as well as the agent that is managing their account. It makes solid business sense to “fish where the fish”. When it comes to generating additional revenue, taking care of the customers that are the best profit centers for your overall business through loyalty incentives will only result in bigger dividends down the road.

The next section of this report will track a player’s action in casino games. You may think that many of your die-hard sports bettors probably do not generate much action in this category. However, you may also be missing a golden opportunity to add a vital profit center to your business if you are not working to promote the casino gambling to your overall customer base.

Football season is probably your primary money train when breaking down the calendar year and you may also fair well with both college basketball and the NBA, but what kind of action is paying the bills and keeping the lights on when the heat of summer rolls around.

Many sports bettors thrive on action and while you may hope they crossover to wagering on Major League Baseball or whatever else is available during the slow season why not give them the option of casino gambling to help generate some much needed revenue. The first step to building your overall casino business is to get an accurate picture of your current state of affairs in this category.

Horse Reporting

The next section of your “Action By Player” report tracks customer activity wagering on horses in your racebook. Horse racing can be a lucrative profit center on its own and you should always be working with your agents to attract new racebook action to your overall customer base. One of the best aspects of horse racing is that this is a year-round revenue stream with an expansive list of tracks all across the nation.

Much in the same way that casino gambling can fill some voids during slow sports betting activity, horse racing has the potential to directly appeal to your sports betting clientele as a viable option.

The bottom line is that the “Action By Player” report that is provided by your PPH service is not only an excellent way to track customer activity; it is a powerful tool to help you develop marketing plans for future growth.