Baseball Props and Series Bets

Props and Series

Baseball season is here and it’s time for you, as an agent, to prepare your players for the many things they can bet on. The MLB season can be a very lucrative time for agents if your player base understands the many types of baseball bets that can be made.

We’ve already talked about tournaments and future bets — so today we look at props and series betting available during baseball.

Betting on the Baseball Series

All bettors know they can bet on a single individual game. But do they know they can bet on the entire series?

Baseball is a different beast from the other sports in that teams don’t just play one single game. They always play a “series” which means they will play “best of 3” or “best of 4” game series against the same opponent.

The provides a great opportunity for you as agent to encourage and communicate to your players before each “series” begins. Let them know the odds have been set for the next series. Some players will love placing bets on the series.

One question that comes up is — how does a four game series work? Since we can’t have a tie, if teams are playing a four game series, only the first 3 games of a series will be counted towards the series bet.

Betting on Baseball Props

Prop betting is another huge way for you to make great money as an agent. Props are available for nearly every sport, and baseball is no exception. The great thing about baseball props is that they are available for EVERY game. And remember, baseball teams play 162 games in a season. That’s a TON of betting opportunities for your players to capitalize on.

Your players can bet on:

  • Player Props

A player prop bet means a wager will be made on how a single baseball player does. Will Kris Bryant hit a homerun in today’s game? How many strikeouts will Clayton Kershaw have in today’s game? Those are examples of individual player prop bets available.

  • Team Props

When betting on team props, your players are wagering on things the full team will do for a given game. Again, these team props are available and open for every single game. Will the Orioles score in the first inning? Will the Cubs hit a homerun in this game? And so on!

There are over 50 extra prop bets available for baseball games. When you offer these combinations of bets to your players, you are encouraging MORE ACTION. The more action you take in as an agent, the more money you are going to make.

  • The Juice

By now you probably understand what “juice” or “vig” is? It’s how you make money. When your player makes a bet, there is an extra percentage charged on top of each bet that goes to the agent. This is the price a player pays to bet with you.

Baseball props and series typically carry high and lucrative juice rates. 40 cent juice is not uncommon for many of the baseball props available through the RealBookie software. More reason why you really want your players betting on these extra things every baseball season.

To conclude, being a RealBookies per head agent can be a lot of work. And we all know that baseball season is sometimes a bit slower of a time than other seasons. But when your players are taking advantage of the series, props, futures and other bet combinations — MLB time can be just as profitable of a season as any other.