Live Hockey Betting

In hockey there is no lack of bets that can be made and that is great for you as a agent. You should let your players know all of the different hockey bets that they can make with your pay per head software, which gives you the opportunity to get more juice. One of the newer hockey wagers that is becoming very popular is live betting, which is also called in-game betting. The name says it all, as you can bet on the game live as it happens. Through our pay per head software live betting for hockey is available.

What is Hockey Live Betting?

In live betting you can make wagers on the game as it happens, as you don’t have to make the bet before the game. The odds for the game will change depending on what is happening. For example if the Rangers are facing the Islanders as a slight -120 favorite and they go up 2-0 in the first period the odds will change accordingly and they will be bigger betting favorites when the live betting odds come out. The odds will change the whole game and usually will do so in between periods.

If you are watching a hockey game and thought, well I guess I should have bet on the Rangers, now you can so in live betting. This type of wagering will allow you to make a bet on a game and you can get a feel for it before laying some green down. The odds that will change in live betting are the moneyline and the total. If a team goes up early or there is a high scoring first period you can be sure that the moneyline and the total will change.

Why is Hockey Live Betting a Good Option for Agents?

Your players can make wagers on games throughout and you need to let them know this type of wagering, as the more bets that are made the more money you will see in your pocket. As an agent you will make a percentage of every single bet made. Since the more bets your players make the more money you get it is advantageous that you inform your players on all the different hockey bets that can be made, which includes live betting.

A Warning To Agents

As a rule of thumb it is beneficial to you as an agent that you keep the hockey live maximum bet to a minimum. For live hockey betting, as well as proposition bets, we recommend that you set a 10% limit. This is a good rule to follow, as it will protect you from losing your shirt if one of your players hits a big bet. When you, as a agent, set a limit on the low side it will ensure you that you will not get killed financially on one game.

Getting Your Players Started With Hockey Live Betting

If you are an agent and make the decision to take live hockey bets by not using a PPH website that is, putting it bluntly, a terrible idea. The software that we have available to you not only makes it very easy to make hockey bets, but makes doing it very safe as well. If you are not a agent already you can become one and you can get your setup for the PPH site. After this you are ready to get your players to make hockey bets such as live bets so they are aware they can make wagers as the game is happening. Live hockey is just one of the many hockey betting options that are available. The more betting options for your players means the more juice you can get and the more money that you can make.