Manage Your Football Betting Lines With Real Bookies

Football season is in full swing. Even though the games are played on a weekly basis, managing your lines is a daily chore. You need the right software tools to always maintain a high level of control over your entire betting board.

Real Bookies has been helping bookie agents just like yourself run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation since sports betting first came online more than 20 years ago.

The unique combination of this vast amount of experience with a high level of sports betting expertise is what makes Real Bookies the top choice among private bookies today.

Betting Board Management 101

Every bookie knows just how important it can be to move money and balance out your board. Your goal is to make a solid hold percentage on your total betting handle. Some weeks, you might make a killing when the dogs had their day. Other weeks, a winning run by the favorites could cut deeply into cash flow and profits.

The goal is proper betting board management to help minimize any wild swings. Real Bookies has made the necessary investments in developing the proper software tools for managing your board on an ongoing basis.

Instant edits let you move lines and make changes to your board in real time. Combined with a daily bet ticker, you can constantly monitor player positions on every football game on that board.

When the action gets too hot to handle, you can use your Real Bookies’ layoff account to move some unwanted action off of your plate. These occasions may be rare but there is some serious peace of mind knowing you have that option as a last resort.

Another crucial management tool is the ability to change betting and credit limits on an account-by-account basis. These types of limits are normally set as part of your initial individual online betting profiles. This is another effective way of controlling your overall liability.

It is far more beneficial to capitalize upfront on betting opportunities than putting out fires after the fact. Real Bookies knows exactly what it takes to make money as a private bookie. This site is always looking for even more productive ways to help achieve all the financial goals you have set.

Making More Money on Football Betting Action

Along with managing your betting board, Real Bookies also offers ways to increase your weekly football handle while also increasing your bottom-line profit.

Diversity is the spice of life. Straight bets on a game’s sides and total line are always going to account for the bulk of your weekly football betting volume. However, shifting some money towards parlays and other lower percentage betting options is a profit-building strategy.

Avid recreational bettors are enticed by higher returns. They are less impacted by the probability of actually winning their bets. Pushing higher team parlays with higher returns is one proven strategy. Moving moneylines to move money to straight-up bets is another profit booster.

Anything that can help move money in the proper direction also helps your overall profit. Real Bookies offers a wide variety of football betting options for every week of the season.

From special prop bet options to four-team parlay boosters, you will have multiple options at your disposal to boost the handle as well as the overall hold percentage on that handle.