Mississippi Loves Sports Gambling | Bookies: find a great PPH

The state of Mississippi is in a good state! This place loves to party, they love to gamble, and they love football. No matter where you go around the state you will find Ole Miss fans that still believe “their day is coming”. Football is a religion in Mississippi and if you’re not in tune, you may want to move to Oregon! You might as well be living on the moon as to not like football.

The fans in Mississippi don’t take life too seriously, but they do value hard work, a relaxed way of life and sports betting. Just as much as they enjoy sports betting, they also enjoy casino gambling and the proof is in the pudding with many offshore casinos sprinkled around the state. We say “offshore” because that’s exactly what they are. The United States government has some weird ideas when it comes to gambling and one of them is that states such as Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio – they can maintain casinos on a riverboat. The boat is usually a non-serviceable craft that is docked and accessible by walking down a gangplank (dock). Thus – “offshore”. Gambling has been around in the state for many years now and sports gambling is picking up with the “real offshore” bookies.

A PPH Gives You an Online Presence as a Sportsbook and Casino—

  • The Casino: Every sportsbook must have a casino to go along with their website. The casino is the guaranteed moneymaker and if you don’t believe this then just go ahead and sign up with any online casino out there, deposit $100 and see how long it lasts. You will be a believer.
  • The sportsbook is marginal, there are times when you will win big as a bookie and then there are times when you will lose big. This is the nature of the business and you should always have a backup plan in place to protect yourself.
  • The mega sportsbooks of Las Vegas are living proof of why you should have a casino in your portfolio. No matter where you go on the Las Vegas strip, you will find mammoth, mega-casinos that also operate a sportsbook. The sportsbooks do not and have never carried the casino. The casino carries the entire operation. Maybe not today, but in the past, even the restaurants in the casino lost money. The restaurant was there to bring in the people with great food deals. Those deals hardly exist anymore and the cost of dining in any Vegas establishment is pretty much outrageous. This is one example of how casinos work. They give away products to get your butt in the seat!
  • In order to make a great income from the sportsbook, you must have players and they must bring you cross-action. The vast majority of your income will come from the juice, in order to make money from the juice, you must have enough players to generate the kind of cross-action that will get the juice you need.

How Do You Get Players? How Do You Keep Players?

  • Forget about recruiting players right now. Your focus should be on keeping the player you already have. The only way you are going to keep them is by allowing them to gamble when they want to gamble, and this means that you need to be available to them 24/7.
  • Are you willing to take their phone calls at 3:00 AM, or when you are at the movies or in the restaurant with your family? Sure you are because you are good at this job, but admit it, this is getting old.
  • The pay per head software allows you the freedom to be a bookie and still enjoy your life. The software does everything for you from accounting to grading bet slips and accepting wagers.
  • There is nothing to download, there are no programming skills required and all you need to do is click a mouse on a desktop app and open the day for business.

The high season is here, and Mississippi bettors are ready to explode. Ole Miss may not be very good this year but that doesn’t matter, the bettors can still bet against LSU, Alabama, and Florida! If that’s not enough they have the Falcons, the Titans, the Buc’s and the Jaguars. The possibilities are endless and now is the time to start earning a great income. Call the PPH provider and ask them for a free 4-week trial.