Player Bulk Payment

We have added a new feature under the tab figures called PLAYER BULK PAYMENT. The objective of this new feature is to facilitate the registration process of receipts (when applicable), disbursements (when applicable), accrual adjustments, adjustments, horse adjustments, and free plays. The options are available if the agent has the rights to those transactions. 
This means that from now on agents can create massive or bulk payments with just a click away.
There are 3 filter options:

  1. Display zero balances
  2. Positive balance
  3. Negative balance.

This will filter players with the characteristics described above or the show all option is available as well. When an agent is a master agent the player can be filtered by sub agents to facilitate their tasks. The massive options consist of the method to be used and the transaction type. Please note that the options are available when the type of transaction is applicable. For example, a roll over balance agent will show receipts and disbursements. On the other hand, an agent that clears every Sunday night won’t show those two options. 

When applying for a bulk payment, fill in the info and click on apply bulk payment.

Confirm the information with the following  transaction details, description, and reference. Simply finish when applying changes.

Note: If you like to close your week on a special day, set your balances to rollover on the player management and the day you want to close your week go-to player bulk payment and click on Auto adjust balances to zero and that will zero out all account.