Telegram Alerts

A phone with telegram installed and notifications

There is a new method for the agent to get text messages from their players bets and IT”S FREE. They have to configure the telegram in order to be able to use it.

Step 1: Go to the agent website log in and go to the agent tab.

Step2: select Agent alerts option.

Step 3: Manage your alerts, type the amount from which you will like to receive alerts. Define if you want to monitor all players or one in specific. You can also manager alerts on credit limits by selecting yes or no on the switch button.

Step 4: Setting up telegram alerts:

A- If you have telegram install on your phone or you are using your Telegram Desktop application, you can use the Automatic option and click on the automatic link.

  1. Manually setting your telegram alerts:

Using your Telegram App please enter the app, use the search icon and type pphadmin_bot, start a conversation with it and send the text containing the symbol slash= / , plus the words start and your telegram user name so it look like = “/start Bobby108”.

If you haven’t set up a user name, please go to the main view and just click on the 3 bar menu on the top right, go to settings and select the second option under account where it says user name, click it and then select your user name.