This is the Time to Get More Agents

How many bookie agents do you have? Are they taking as much action as expected, or are they overwhelmed?
If you are doing everything right as advised by your pay per head provider, your agents are overwhelmed with taking action. You might even need more, considering that the Super Bowl is around the corner.

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated games in America. It brings people together or apart depending on the team and players one supports. Ideally, the Super Bowl is one of the best football events in the country, and you cannot afford not to offer bets.

Over 23 Million Americans Wager on Super Bowl

Over 23 million Americans place bets for the Super Bowl event with sportsbooks licensed to operate in the country. Around 100 million people watch the game on Television. Usually, most people that watch sports games also wager.

This brings the total number of potential bettors to slightly over 50 million people. The highest number of these bettors wager with online bookies. Why?

Most licensed sportsbooks in the country offer retail betting. Unfortunately, not everyone can drive to the nearest sportsbook site to place bets. Instead, they go for online bookie sites, which are conveniently accessible.

Earn a Significantly High Income

Getting all bettors to place Super Bowl bets with your bookie platform is impossible. However, when you position your site correctly, you can easily get many bettors to place wagers with you.

Instead of going for quantity, you can go for quality clients. For instance, a Miami-based resident wagered $140,000 on the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl LV.

If your bankroll can allow such a huge bet, you only need a few clients to place bets with you. The Super Bowl event attracts over $4 billion in wagers. You only need a few thousand dollars from this to dance all the way to the bank.

Get a Few More Agents to Take Bets From Clients

This is the best time to recruit a few more agents to take bets from clients. Bettors started shopping for the next bookie to place their bets with a few weeks ago. With a little over five weeks to Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, February 12, 2023, you have time to set up a new bookie agent site and position it as the go-to betting platform.

We at RealBookies will help you set up a bookie site in less than five minutes. We will provide you with the tools and resources to trap many Super Bowl bettors. Contact us today to get your pay per head bookie site.