Using Email To Increase Profits

Email is an important tool in most businesses interacting with their customers to increase profits and bookmaking is no exception.

Several online sports books like Betcris and Bovada use email to increase player retention and interaction with their gaming products.

Here at Realbookies, we also use email to notify our agents about changes in our pay per head software and other issues.

These sites use email services like Bronto and Icontact to inform their clients of important future sporting events to bet on and special promos like bonuses.

As a bookie, you can do the same by starting to make a list of your players’ emails and uploading them to one of the email marketing providers listed above or just google it as there are several out there.

Once this is done, you can start emailing your players with special offers or remind them to bet on games you think they might be interested.

Please note that you should be careful in the amount of times you email your players and only do it when you think they would have a genuine interest in the information you are sending.

Most companies do it 1-3 times a month and this should be the range you should follow also. Also, the more emails you send with content that’s not relevant to your clients the less likely they will open them in the future.