Weekly Balance Report

The bottom line is the most important feature for an agent. The quickest way to check it is under the Weekly Balance report. We have added some new features that will facilitate the process and it will save your preferences.

There are 5 different filters you can choose from:

  • Show only active (when unclicked will show all the players)
  • With balance (only players that have any balance)
  • Collapse (usually helpful when you have several subs so you can see all the info in one screen- unclick it if you wish to see it fully displayed.
  • With balance (will show subs that have players with balances)
  • Zero balance (will show all the subs regardless if they have action or not).

Also where you change the date of the report, you can filter by transaction type:

  • All
  • Sports
  • Virtual Casino
  • Racing

This will filter the figures by transaction corresponding to its type. This helps to see the aggregates by either sports, casino, or horse racing.

The user can get daily figures by clicking on the day of the week to see the player’s action or go to the far right to click on week to see all the transactions of the week.

The adjust button works to make transactions (receipts, disbursements, adjustments, free plays, etc.) without going to another screen or using the bulk payment feature.

When dealing with multiple subs, the master agent bottom line will tell the necessary information on how the performance of the players are reflected by date and in total for the week. Also there’s an aggregate amount for total payments, total balance and the settled figure. Balance forward shows the information carrying over from the previous week, when applied.

Another important feature is that the figures are color coded. This means that if it’s in the agents favor it will show green and against the agent it will show in red.

In this case, the agent is losing 451 dollars for the week.