Agent Page Report Features

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Player Management Tab:

On the first tab of your agent menu you’ll be able to manage all of your player account settings.

First thing you’ll see is a list of all your player accounts with a brief description of their settings and balance.

Click on one of the player’s accounts to go to the player menu, you’ll see a more detail display of each of your accounts.

Click on Basic Info, Access or Limits to change any of the options.

Under Player Analysis you can check how that particular account has done since starting the account, last year, etc.

Open Bets to check that account’s pending action. To make a monetary adjustment go to Balance Adjust, the different transaction types are:

Adjustment: to make a wager related adjustment that will reflect on today’s balance.

Accrual Adjustment: an adjustment to affect the weekly balance but not the daily balance.

Horse Adjustment: Horse betting related adjustment.

Disbursement: Adjustment to record a payment made to the customer.

Receipt: Adjustment to record a payment made to the agent.

Free Play: Adjustment to give a customer a bonus as free play money.

Weekly Balance is to check your player’s weekly numbers, you can click on each date for a more detailed description.

On the right hand side of Player Management it’s the option to post a message on your players account, just click New Online Msg for that.

Figures Tab:

Weekly Balance: to check your player’s day to day action for a particular week.

Action by Player: AgentReports on a player’s activity based on wager types (straight, parlay, etc) for a determined time period.

Players Standings: Weekly balance report by Sports, Horses and Casino.

Player Totals: Your allagentReports on total bets, win, lose and net for a determined time period.

Agent Gross Week: Weekly totals including forward balance and payments.

Wagers Tab:

Under this tab we can find everything related to the wagers made by your players.

We got a bet ticker where you can monitor all wagers made. But if you don’t want to spend your time watching the bet ticker, you can access the option open bets and check all wagers made by your players.

To check graded wagers you can go to wager listing or player history and all wagers and results will display.

You can also check all change wagers in case there is a missing play.

With the agent exposure and the agent Position you will know how much money you have in each game on the board and which team to cheer for.

Financial Tab:

The financial tab summarizes  all money transaction registered in the system. The Cash flow and the Weekly payment options will list all collections, payment and transfers done.

With the agent adjustment you can find all type of adjustment made like accrual adjustment, horse adjustment and regular adjustments.

The free plays won’t be listed in this section because they won be consider as a money transaction between player and agent.

The settle figure will be very useful for carry over players providing the information need it for settling.

Information Tab:

Under the information tab you can find very valuable data like the hold percent, the web vs phone stats, the player access and the player count.

The hold percent present the margin of win and lose by sport where you can find your strength and weaknesses. The negative percentages are in your favor.

The web vs phone and the player count are very important because our charges will be based on this

information. Here you can find the total volume, the total bets and the total players online and on the phone.

The player Access is one of the most important tools because you can track the IP addresses from your players and the time and date they when into their accounts.

Agent Tab

The agent tab brings essential tools to manage your account, your sub agents and your own lines.

With the agent distribution report you can verify your sub agent weekly balances and main information.

The agent History, the move lines are two fixtures that have changed since the start and now they are no longer in use.

The move lines was replaced by the option agent lines and the agent history now is handle with a player account, what men that every player can log in to the players website with his account ID and password and check his updated balance and history.

The agent commission is one of the least common fixtures and is rarely use by the agents because they normally prefer to set this matter confidentially with their subs, however, this option shows how the commission is split with the sub agents.

The agent lines is a fixture that allows all our agents to move their own lines. This option needs to be activated by request. Once activated, you click the agent lines and a new window will open.

This window has a filter on top the page where you can chose the sport, league, period, date or game. After you chose the sport you have to click on the submit button the initiate the search.

After a few seconds the lines will display. To modify the lines you have to type the new line on the box at the right of the line you want to modify and then hit submit. Here you can change the spread, the total and the money line; all changes will show up in a different color.

You can also hide them separately or all at once with the little menu in the right of each line. You can follow our lines or use your own by unclicking the follow line box.

Don’t forget that after do it a few changes you have to hit submit so activate the changes.