Building Out Your Football Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Most private bookies turn to a quality pay per head site when it comes to fully automating their business while running it online. This process not only takes your book offshore in a protected business environment, it guarantees reliable and safe online performance.

The pay per head business model makes this process extremely attractive from a profit standpoint as well. Since you only pay a low, weekly fee for each of your active sports betting customers, you are only paying for what you use.

If your weekly PPH costs increase, it is due to the expansion of your business base. This, in turn, should result in a higher weekly betting handle with increased profit on the added action. This turns into a win-win situation for the bookmaker and the pay per head bookie services provider.

Enhanced Pay Per Head Benefits- Higher Handle & Hold

From a purely operational end, it is hard to argue against the added value the right PPH service can bring to the table. By taking most of the administrative tasks off your plate, you will have far more time to devote to the sales and marketing end of things.

However, there are many number of ways that your pay per head site can enhance your efforts in any part of the business.

The first is as simple as building out your betting board to cover more betting options. This is especially important with the start of a new football season right around the corner.

Today’s avid sports bettors are far more active when it comes to creating more diversity in their overall betting strategy. This is especially true when it comes to college football and NFL games.

Action on the spread and total line will always account for the majority of the weekly betting handle. Yet, there are easy ways to expand that handle through added options such as football futures, props, parlay boosters and live in-game wagers.

By giving your existing betting base more options to wager on every football game, you can increase both your handle and hold without having to necessarily increase your active betting base. In this scenario, all the added action comes at zero added cost in weekly PPH fees.

Enhanced Pay Per Head Benefits- Effective Betting Board Management

Along with a wider selection of betting options for football season, your pay per head service can provide enhanced business tools to properly manage that board.

The goal of these real time business reports is to take all of the guesswork out of the decision making process. You will know exactly when it is time to move a betting spread or make a change to your betting board.

Moves and changes can be instantly put in place in response to the daily and weekly action coming in. Your PPH software can identify player positions across all bets placed. You can also quickly adjust any betting and credit limits on an account by account basis.

With the proper PPH betting board management tools in place, you will be able to take full advantage of opportunities ahead of time while eliminating the need to deal with issues after the fact.

Now is the time to put your business plans for the upcoming football season into action. By working closing with your pay per head bookie services provider, you can make this the most profitable football season ever.