Is Your Bookie Business Ready For The Holidays?

Coming off a four-day betting bonanza for the annual Thanksgiving weekend, the holiday season of December through New Year’s Day is officially in full swing. One of the most popular greetings this time of the year is “Are you ready for the holidays?”

It really does not matter if you answer yes or no since they are coming one way or the other. As a private bookie, you better be ready for the month of December as one of the busiest and most important months of the entire sports betting calendar.

The final month of the year provides an excellent opportunity to end the year on a very profitable note. However, you still need to plan accordingly while working with your current pay per head provider to make the most of things.

College Football

Hopefully your bookie business has been going as planned through the heart of the football betting season. College football provides one final round of action starting with the individual conference championship games the first Friday and Saturday of the month.

Following a break in the schedule, the extended college bowl season kicks things off on Friday, Dec. 20. Over the next three weeks, there is wall-to-wall action on the board running right through Monday, Jan. 13 for this season’s College Football Playoff Championship Game.

This is an excellent chance to build out your college football betting board with the help of your pay per head bookie software service. Many of your sports betting customers will be looking for added ways to increase the excitement for the college football postseason. Having the right PPH service that can supply the betting lines you need is a fast and sharp way is vital to fully capitalizing on this specific “once a year” stream of revenue and added profit.


There are four more weeks of regular season games in the NFL leading up to a full 16-game slate in Week 17 on Sunday, Dec. 29. Even if your NFL business has been booming through the first 13 weeks of the season, you still need to put some special year-end plans in place to end this run on a high note.

Just as your business is heating up with all the betting action on the board this month, many of your active sports betting customers are going to start winding down from their jobs as Christmas and New Year’s Day approaches. Extra free time translates to an extra incentive to expand the overall betting strategy. By making sure you are covering all the bases with your weekly NFL betting board, you will be maximizing the added volume of bets you take in.

Added options such as increased game props, live in-game betting options and parlay boosters along with other special betting options is an excellent way to keep your entire betting base engaged at this hectic time of the year.


Waiting in the wings to carry the betting torch after the holiday season, both the NBA and the NHL can play a vital role in December’s marketing plan. With each of these regular seasons starting to heat up, now is the time to expand the weekly betting action coming in. More and more of your players will be looking to get off the sideline and into the game betting pro basketball and ice hockey. You need to make sure you are meeting those needs with expanded betting options as well.

College Basketball

March Madness is not as far off as you think. Building a solid base of college basketball action in December will pay huge dividends throughout the winter months. As non-conference play draws to a close this month, you can take full advantage of conference play heading into the New Year.