North Carolina | The Basketball Betting Mecca

North Carolina is a state rich in sports history, and even more so in basketball history. There are 18 NCAA Division 1 schools across the state and 7 of them offer FBS football along with basketball, and baseball. With some of the biggest names in college sports such as Appalachian State, Charlotte, Duke, NC State, North Carolina, and Wake Forest; North Carolinians love to gamble. They love their sports teams, and they are some of the best and most loyal fans in the nation. Getting tickets to a home basketball at Duke takes an act of congress and the emptying of one’s bank account!

  • We know for sure that college students love to gamble on sports, and this is exactly where you build your revenue stream. Bookies in North Carolina are finding out that college students are not your father’s students! These kids come loaded with information and they get it from every source imaginable.
  • We all know the house always wins, or so the saying goes. Is it true? No. In today’s gambling world the house has to fight for every dollar they win simply based on the fact that bettors are well-armed. We can’t stress this enough. How does a bookie fight this phenomenon? With cross action. The more players that a bookie has, the better the chances of winning at the end of the day. If you are a bookie that’s desperately looking for players, then we know you have your work cut out for you. You must find the time to boost your advertising and find the right revenue streams.

Open a Pay Per Head—

  • The only way to conduct business in an ever-changing sports gambling market is with the use of a pay per head. The PPH providers have come along at the right time and they understand what the bookie is facing.
  • A bookies job is tough, we know what you go through because we have been there and done it before, as does the PPH. Most of the best PPH providers on the web have been gamblers as well as bookies. They understand the culture of the sports gambler and they understand what it means to bet with the said gambler, as a bookie.

What the Pay Per head Provides—

  • An online sportsbook featuring the major US sports, as well as a wide range of betting options.
  • A racebook, that comes with 70+ world-class tracks that pay real-time odds.
  • Las Vegas-style casino action that comes with all the popular slots, Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, Live Blackjack, Craps, Live Craps, Baccarat, Live Baccarat and much more.
  • Accounting, the entire accounting process is done for you. No longer do you need to worry about where your money is being spent and even better, you can now keep tabs on all of your players whether winning or losing.
  • No longer must you hand-write a bet slip and worse yet, grade them. Bookies hate grading bet slips.
  • Customer service, when your clients need to speak to an agent or even phone in a bet; they can do it. They can call a live agent and speak with them on the phone, in English.
  • The cost of doing business with a pay per head is affordable and you do not need to be wealthy. For $10 per head, you will have a full-service sportsbook, racebook, and casino. Your players may phone in their bet if they prefer.

North Carolina loves to party, they love to gamble, and they love their sports teams maybe more than any other state. You must take advantage of all that a PPH provides in the way of bookie software and stop banging your head against the proverbial wall. The high season is upon us and now is the time to make that call and try the best pay per head provider for free. That’s right, now you can enjoy a fully functioning free trial for a month-long test drive. If for any reason this is not for you, then no hard feeling and any profits you earned in the first month are yours to keep. The PPH is the bookie, you simply turn on the switch and click a mouse, it’s that simple. Find your pay per head today and start earning a great income.