Standard Tennis Offerings

Tennis is a very popular betting sport and if you have players that like to bet on Tennis you have to let them know the various bets that they can make. For bookies, the name of the game is getting juice since you will make a percentage of every single bet made. This is why it is vital that you give your players the information on the different tennis bets they can make. The more info they have the more they may bet and the more money you will make.

Here we will take a look at the different tennis bets that you can make.

1. Match Betting – Match betting is the most popular and easy to understand tennis bet, as you are simply picking a player or team, in doubles, to win a match. Unlike football and basketball there is no spread in tennis, but payout odds that will show the favorite and the underdog. For example using a moneyline if Andy Murray is at -140 and Roger Federer is at +150 you can see that Murray is the favorite and Federer is the underdog. The payout reflects the odds, as using $100 as an example, you would have to bet $140 to win $100 betting on the favored Murray and $100 to win $150 on the underdog Federer. Pretty simple. You also have to let your players know the rules for when a player retires from a match, as different sportsbooks have different rules for when that occurs.

2. Handicap Tennis Betting – Handicap betting is popular these days and it is kind of a spread type bet. In this bet you are betting on a player’s performance in a match not the outcome of it. Let’s take a look at an example of a tennis handicap bet. Andy Murray -5.5 over Roger Federer. Murray wins the match 6-2 6-3. Murray would be the winning bet, as he won12 games -5.5, which is 6.5 and over the total of games that Federer win. If Murray wins 6-2 2-6 6-2 the bet would be a losing one since Murray won 14 games and Federer won 10 and 14-10 +4, which is under the -5-5 games bet on Murray.

3. Winner of the First Set – This is another bet that easy to understand, as you are betting on what player or tandem in doubles wins the first set. First set betting is solid for betting on the underdog, as they will get good first set odds.

4. Set Betting – in set betting you are betting on a number of sets it will take a player to win the match. For the Grand Slams men play best of five sets and for all other tournaments best of three and women always play best of three. So, for example, If Venus Williams is facing Serena Williams you can make the bet of 2-0or 2-1 on either of the Williams’ sisters. For the Grand Slam for men you can make a set bet for a player to win 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2 with different odds for each.

5. Totals Betting – The totals bet is also an easy tennis bet to understand, as you are simply betting the Over or Under posted total for the number of sets or games. If you make the Over bet for a match of 2.5 sets and a player wins 2-1 then you would win the bet with 3 being over the total of 2.5 sets. For games lets say you took the Under in the match posted at 17.5 games for a two out of three match. A player wins 6-1-6-3 so the total number of games is 16, which is Under the posted 17.5 total so the bet would be a winning one.

6. Futures – Betting on tennis futures is betting on a certain player to win a tournament before it begins. This type of bet has better payouts since it is hard to pick a player to win a tournament. The top players will get less favorable odds in a futures bet. Many times in Grand Slam futures bet you can also make them after each round is complete with changing odds for players still in the tournament.

7. Proposition Bets – A proposition bet, called a prop bet, in tennis does not have to do with the outcome of a match. There are many different type of prop bets to make and there are many more of them posted for the bigger tournaments, especially the Grand Slams. There are both player and match prop bets. A couple of player prop bets would be will Andy Murray have Over/Under 10 aces and will Roger Federer have Over/Under 2.5 double faults?. A couple of examples of a match prop bet will be will there be a tiebreaker in the match? Will there be Over/Under 20 aces combined in the match? As stated before there are more prop bets available for the bigger tournaments and this is especially the case when Grand Slams get to the semifinals and finals.

As you can see above there are many different types of tennis bets that can be made. You need to not only know about them, but fully understand them as well as letting your players know and understand them. If you have a tennis bettor get them all this information so they can make more bets with you, which will in turn get you more juice.