Nevada Sports Gamblers always look for Options | Bookies: are you offering them?

You may be thinking, why would anybody want to be a sports bookie in Nevada? Isn’t Nevada filled with sportsbooks? Yes, it is filled with sportsbooks and filled with gamblers that are always looking for great options beyond what the “Big boys” are offering.

Sports bettors and especially Nevada sports bettors are busy people, they work a lot, they play a lot and they travel often. They need and want options. You have that set of gamblers as described, then, you have a different set of gamblers. Nevada has a very high population of residents that have moved to the state for one reason, to gamble. It may sound crazy, it may sound incredibly risky and it is, but they do it. They are there for gambling, it’s what took them there and they are trying to strike it rich. They are doing everything in their power to beat the bookie and they will go to great lengths in the name of handicapping to do exactly this.

  • What bookies must understand about Nevada bettors is this… If you are willing to offer them an alternative to what they have at their disposal, they will jump at the chance. Most of Nevada’s sports gamblers are educated to the ways of all things sports gambling and they know a thing or two because they have seen a thing or two.
  • Lines and odds are a very big deal to Nevada gamblers, however, the thing they hate the most is having to “sportsbook hop”. There is nothing worse than getting comfortable in a sportsbook with a drink in hand and then realizing that another book down the strip has a better deal on the game they want to play. Even a half-point is worth saddling up the horse and taking a ride to save yourself. Here is why… Every week in the NFL players get “hooked” by the half-point. There is literally nothing worse than getting “hooked” on any sporting event. It’s better to lose a game by 40-points than to lose it by a half a point.
  • In other words, the reason players in Nevada want to do business with multiple bookies is so they know they are getting the best deal.
  • Another reason that players want your services are for live lines. Many Nevada sportsbooks offer live lines but here is the problem – Long lines. By the time you make your way to the counter and fight through the lines of people after they call the live line, the line is off the board. When they have an online account with you, they can hang out wherever they want and play your live lines.
  • Having an account with you also gives them the ability to play against themselves should they be in trouble with their bet. They can bet the game live and recoup their money (this is the school of thought).

*A Pay per head conducts business from A-Z. They literally take care of every detail. All you need to worry about is finding clients. They take care of the daily lines and odds but give you the ability to change them at any time. They take care of the daily events, future bets, prop lines, special events and reports such as player reports and financial reports. You are privy to any report that you care to read or print ant any time, 24/7.

Nevada players are a special breed of a client and you definitely want them. Not only do they want options when it comes to the sportsbook, they also want a great racebook. The horse bettors are some of the most loyal and faithful clients that you can ever have. You want them and you want as many of them as possible. They spend a lot of money and much like sports gamblers, they are looking for a better deal. Off it and they will come.

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