Set Up a Bracket Pool for the Soccer World Cup

The World Cup is arguably the most popular sporting event. Unlike March Madness and other yearly events, football, also called soccer in America, brings everyone together every four years.

Your country might be participating or not. Whichever the case, bettors look forward to participating in betting and cheering those teams they would formerly not.

By setting up a bracket pool for the soccer World Cup, you can have your family members, colleagues, clients, or friends participate. Find how this works below.

1.World Cup Challenge Format

You need to understand the World Cup challenge format to create a perfect bracket pool. Ideally, the World Cup format is broken into two stages; the group stage and the knockout stage. You can create a bracket pool starting with the group stage or wait until the knockout round for your participants to fill out a bracket.

Alternatively, you can ask participants to predict group winners and runners-up and fill out the brackets later. In the group stage, teams are put into groups of four. Each team competes with the other three teams in its group.

The two finalists advance to the knockout stage. However, the women’s tournament allows the third-place winner to advance too.

Usually, 16 men’s teams move to the knockout stage. These teams play in a single elimination bracket pool.

Whether you choose to run a bracket pool from the group stage through the knockout stage, scoring happens the same. Those that predict group winners in the correct order have good chances of winning in the bracket pool.


The scoring is pretty nice and easy. Usually, pool managers give three points for each win, 1 point for each draw, 1 point for each goal, and 1 point for each shutout.

This means that participants have an opportunity to earn eight points, one point each for the correct group winner. In addition, they can earn eight more points, one for each correct group runner-up.

Once the groups advance to the knockout stage, participants have a chance of winning 16 points for correctly picking the correct round of 16 match-up winners. Another 16 points can follow this during the quarter-final.
The breakdown continues until you are left with six finalists. Here, players can earn 16 points for correct World Cup champion selection.

You need your soccer bracket pool to run smoothly. Therefore, using pen and paper is not an option. Instead, you can partner with RealBookies to create a bracket pool for the soccer World Cup.

This will allow participants to log in online to choose their picks and keep them interested by providing reports your clients want to see. Meanwhile, you do not have to calculate or distribute standings as RealBookies handles that. Contact the company today to set up your bracket pool or to get more information on how to run it.