Nebraska | Football is King: Gambling on it is Bigger

The state of Nebraska is rich in football history. Most folks think of Nebraska as a farming stat that has miles and miles of unending fields of corn. This is true as well. There probably isn’t a state that is quite like Nebraska when it comes to farming. They farm with a passion, they work hard for their money, but they don’t mind spending it when it comes to the thought of betting on the Cornhuskers football. The Cornhuskers have been playing football since 1890! Now that’s a rich tradition and it’s not about to go away anytime soon. Bookies are finding out that Nebraska is a great place to do business and there is much more to bet on than simply Nebraska football. Sure, the Huskers are king but there is a lot of fish in the sea when it comes to sports wagering.

  • Bookies are looking for alternatives to the old way of doing business and pay per heads are making waves.
  • Pay per head providers are plastered all over the internet and what you must do is sort out the good from the bad. All one needs to do is conduct an organic Google search such as “fantastic pay per head” and several pages of indexed providers will appear. Some of them are indeed fantastic, some of them are not so great.
  • Many of the PPH providers will do their best to entice you with a rock-bottom offer such as $5 per head. REMEMBER: In this business, you get what you pay for. The best PPH providers have been in the industry for ten years or better and they know what bookies want, they also know what bookies can afford and that’s around $10-$15 per head.
  • The best pay per head providers on the web are charging a fair price and they have a reputation for top-notch honesty. The way pricing in general works is on this scale:
  • You the bookie pay when your player plays, and you pay one time per fiscal week. Example: You have 30 players, 17 of them have not played with you in the last two weeks. You pay nothing for those 17 players. The moment any/all of them decide to make at least one wager, that is when their fiscal week starts. A fiscal week is 7 days consecutive and the first day of the fiscal week is when your player places his first wager.
  • You are only billed one time in the fiscal week for that player. The player may place as many wagers as they like, from 1-900! It matters not how many wagers they make in the week, you are charged the $10-$15.
  • The reason we say $10-$15—Pricing is based on the level of service you elect. Example: you want your players to have the option of phone betting (calling in their bets). The best PPH providers will provide this service.
  • Nebraska loves to gamble, and we are in the high season. This means that football is in full swing and now is the perfect time of year to find a great deal and better yet, a full-on free trial. You can now test the complete product for free of charge.
  • The price is right, and you get everything free for 4-weeks. You have time to figure out whether or not you like the product and want to continue as a paying customer.
  • The pay per head is software for bookies and what it does is literally everything. Bookies have a difficult job and they require a certain amount of help before going feeling overwhelmed. Don’t let yourself get into this situation. Find help now before getting burned out on this job.
  • You are responsible for money, for lines and odds and taking wagers, grading wagers at event end and balancing your own books. The PPH does all of this work for you. What you do is fire up the computer or your mobile device and point/click! That’s it! It really is this easy.

Find a great pay per head today and take advantage of the growing interest in Nebraska sports gambling. The cost is minimal, and it’s easy to get started. Call them today and start earning money tonight.