Unlocking Profits: A Guide to March Madness Brackets for Bookies 2024

After the Super Bowl’s excitement fades, bookies often face a lull in betting activity. However, the onset of March Madness presents a golden opportunity to re-engage with players and boost profits. This guide explores how bookies can leverage March Madness bracket contests to maintain player interest and ensure a profitable post-Super Bowl period.

March Madness Bracket Contests: A New Revenue Stream

The transition from the Super Bowl to March Madness can be seamless if bookies introduce engaging bracket contests. Recognizing this opportunity, a new bookie badge has been launched specifically for those who run a March Madness contest on their platform. This initiative not only keeps the betting spirit alive but also offers a fresh avenue for bookies to generate revenue.

Diverse Prize Options to Attract Players

One of the most appealing aspects of these contests is the flexibility in prize offerings. Bookies can choose to award cash, reward points (convertible into free plays), or even grand prizes for up to 10 winners, exclusively through free plays. This variety ensures that there’s something for every player, making the contest more attractive and keeping players engaged through February and early March.

Setting Up Your March Madness Contest

For bookies new to hosting contests, setting up a March Madness bracket contest is straightforward. Assistance is readily available through the following channels:

Call the Office: For personalized guidance, bookies can call the office, where a team is ready to walk them through the setup process.

Agent Panel: By logging into their agent panel and clicking on “pools,” bookies can follow simple prompts to set up their first contest.

This ease of setup ensures that even bookies without prior experience can effortlessly organize their March Madness contests.

Conclusion: Seizing the March Madness Opportunity

March Madness offers a perfect opportunity for bookies to keep the betting momentum going after the Super Bowl. By setting up bracket contests, bookies can offer their players exciting ways to engage, compete, and win prizes. This not only enhances the betting experience but also promotes player loyalty and profitability during what might otherwise be a slower betting season.


Why should bookies consider setting up March Madness contests?

Setting up March Madness contests provides an opportunity to maintain engagement and continue generating revenue after the Super Bowl season.

What types of prizes can be offered in these contests?

Bookies can offer a range of prizes, including cash, reward points convertible into free plays, and grand prizes of free plays for up to 10 winners.

How can a bookie set up a March Madness contest?

Bookies can set up a contest by either calling the office for guidance or logging into their agent panel and following the prompts under “pools” or “contests.”

What benefits do March Madness contests bring to bookies?

These contests keep players active and interested during the transition from the Super Bowl to March Madness, helping bookies to retain a steady flow of betting activity and profits.

Leveraging the excitement of March Madness through bracket contests is a strategic move for bookies looking to capitalize on the post-Super Bowl season. By offering a variety of prizes and ensuring easy setup, bookies can attract and retain players, ensuring a vibrant and profitable betting environment.