What Does Your Pay Per Head Site Bring to the Table?

By creating a basic Google search for pay per head bookie services, you can get a good feel for just how crowded this marketplace has become.

That is actually a good thing since it mirrors the growing demand for private bookmaking options. Today’s big commercial sportsbooks do an excellent job at marketing all the fancy bells and whistles available through their particular online betting platform.

However, the one thing that the commercial books cannot offer is the higher level of customer service that a private bookie can provide.

You need to take full advantage of this edge when it comes to building and expanding your private sports betting base. However, you still need the products and services from a quality pay per head site to fully maximize your efforts.

Paying Per Head for the Basics

When it comes to performing a proper evaluation of your current pay per head bookie services provider, you should start with the basics. This starts with the question “is their online operating system both reliable and safe?”

No amount of online downtime is acceptable given today’s highly advanced technology and sophisticated software solutions. Round the clock online service should be par for the course. If your pay per head site is down, your entire bookie business is down as well.

Online security should never be an issue for today’s pay per head providers either. You need the proper safeguards in place to protect your sensitive business data as well as the online betting accounts for each of your active betting customers.

There are certain aspects of any pay per head site that should part of the day-to-day operation.

Pay Per Head Product Perks

The basic software solutions for running and managing a private bookie business tend to be rather standard across the entire pay per head industry. However, some sites continue to rely on the same generic applications as a cost-saving measure.

The top-rated pay per head providers in the game turn to an in-house team of IT professionals that are always looking for ways to improve and upgrade their gaming software solutions. These PPH services are never content with maintaining the status quo. True innovators at heart, they understand that there are always ways to improve the gaming software products offered.

As a business owner yourself, you realize that you are working with a finite amount of time each day. The best pay per head sites can provide the right business tools to help you make the most from that available time.

Pay Per Head Valued Business Support

One of the biggest differences between the best pay per head bookie services providers and the rest of the pack is valued business support. Every available PPH service will pay lip service to available business support.

Only a handful of the top PPH services actually walk the walk when it comes to their in-house team of industry professionals. It can sometimes get lonely running and managing your own bookmaking operation if you are a sole proprietor.

Working with a pay per head site that is backed by a professional in-house business support team is the equivalent of adding a silent business partner that always keeps your interests top of mind.

Best of all, you do not have to share your profit with this partner even though they are working for you on a 24/7 basis every day of the year.