Pay for What You Use at Real Bookies Pay Per Head

Real Bookies has been helping private bookies run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation for more than 20 years. Owned and operated in Costa Rica, it has grown to become the premier bookie services provider in the pay per head industry.

The business model at Real Bookies is tied to the concept of paying for what you use. The base bookie software solutions plan is comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its application. This means that you will have everything you need to fully automate that business while moving the operational end offshore.

Turnkey refers to the aspect of having your bookie business up and running online the same day you sign on with Real Bookies as your pay per head site.

The Real Bookies Pay Per Head Business Model

Real Bookies has created an affordable weekly plan that gives you everything you need with no added costs or hidden fees attached to these services. You only pay a per head weekly fee for your active betting customers.

The fact that you only pay a weekly fee for each active bettor helps to control the cost of this bookie software solutions package. Since you are only paying for what you use, any added betting volume generated along with an increased hold on that action will directly boost your bottom line.

Real Bookies does not base its per head fees on an individual’s weekly betting volume. By building out your betting board with the help of Real Bookies in-house sports betting experts, you will have the means to expand your weekly handle and hold without having to necessarily increase your active betting base.

By exceeding your customer’s expectations when it comes betting leagues and betting markets, you are also giving them a great opportunity to diversify their overall sports betting strategy.

Added Revenue Through Real Bookies Other Gaming Software Options

The best way to fully maximize the value in your Real Bookies per head plan is by transforming your sports bookmaking business into a full-service online gaming site.

As part of the base plan, you will have everything you need to run an online racebook for horse betting and an online casino filled with Las Vegas-style slots and table games. Real Bookies is one of the few pay per head sites to include live-dealer table games as part of the online casino software package.

Sports betting will most likely account for the bulk of the volume and revenue taken in. Yet, horse betting is the perfect complement to sports betting as an added revenue stream. Online casino gaming is big business today with many commercial gaming sites. Why not enhance your sports bettor’s online experience through fast and easy access to slots, video poker and other casino games?

Since you are only paying one, set weekly fee for active betting customers, added streams of revenue trickle down to your business’s bottom-line profit. Horse betting and casino games are an excellent way to fill in the summer lull for sports betting.

Do yourself a favor and contact Real Bookies today to see everything this per head bookie services provider has to offer.

To get things started in the right direction, Real Bookies will give you four weeks free at no upfront cost or further obligation. This is the perfect way to test drive everything this bookie services site has to offer.