Boost November’s Betting Handle With Real Bookies

One of the biggest benefits of turning to Real Bookies as your pay per head software solutions provider is expanded betting options.

As a private bookie, one of the best ways to compete against the big commercial online sportsbooks is by expanding your betting board with as many options as possible. Real Bookies has been helping bookie agents accomplish this goal for more than 20 years.

The 2020 sports betting calendar has been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, heading into the month of November, the betting schedule at hand is extremely favorable for your bookie business.

Real Bookies November Special Event Highlights

Football remains the primary sport on the board. The NFL has reached the halfway point of its season and every NCAA IA football conference is in action this month. A heavier concentration of expanded football betting options can more than fill the void of a delayed NBA and NHL regular season.

Also helping the cause this month are special betting events. The first full weekend of the month offers the two-day Breeders’ Cup horse betting card at Keeneland Racecourse. The first five races will be run on Friday, Nov. 6. There will be nine more races on Saturday, Nov. 7. All told, there is $31 million in total prize money for this year’s Breeders’ Cup. The highlight is Saturday’s $6 million BC Classic.

Racing is the betting theme of the entire weekend with the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Championship on Sunday, Nov. 8. This year’s title race will be run at Phoenix Raceway starting at 3 p.m. (ET) on NBC. The final four drivers in the championship field are Denny Hamlin, Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano and Chase Elliott.

Moving to the second weekend of the month, professional golf’s Masters takes center stage as the final Major of the 2020 season. Postponed from early April, this is an excellent chance to boost both your weekly betting handle as well as your takeaway profit on this highly popular betting event.

Real Bookies can help you expand your betting board for all of these betting events. All three have the added option of betting on head-to-head matchups as well as a long list of prop bet options.

This is when working with a top-rated pay per head site pays some high dividends on your overall efforts.

Real Bookies November League Betting Options

While the start of the new NBA season has been delayed, waiting in the wings is a new season of college basketball. Last season’s sudden shutdown ahead of the annual NCAA Tournament left every basketball bettor wanting more.

Plans are underway to start the new season ahead of the extended Thanksgiving weekend. Tournament-style play should draw quite a bit of attention from your betting base. Real Bookies has you covered with a full complement of betting lines and odds for all the games.

You can tease your customers early with a NCAA basketball futures and specially props covering the upcoming season.

Both US and international soccer can be an excellent supplement to your weekly football action. If you have NHL fans looking for games to wager on, Real Bookies can help you add ice hockey betting options for league play in Finland, Russia and Sweden.

As another added betting bonus for November, you can create a stand-alone betting board of Real Bookies’ NBA props just in time for this year’s player draft on Wednesday, Nov. 18.